What’s the Reason Behind A Damaged Tile?

There is no such thing as minor bathroom tile damage. A moving tile is usually not a good sign and must be inspected further. It works like a domino effect in a single ceramic network – one tile comes loose and those surrounding it are next.

So you see, the damage today may seem harmless, but the case tomorrow is an entirely different story. So who’s to blame for this problem?

Adhesive failure?

The common mistake that homeowners commit in this time of need is prying off the old tiles and installing new ones. The immediate assumption is a part of tile has come loose because the adhesive has worn off, and the obvious quick fix is to replace it with a fresh one. This DIY solution only scratches the surface, so to speak. A loose tile is a sign of a much more serious and extensive disease.

Beneath the “subsurface”

Your tile has come lose because the subsurface is damaged. When this happens, your grout is usually the one at fault. The moment it loses integrity and cracks, water can seep in between the tiles and destroy the bond. Naturally, the tile disconnects from its foundation.

Beneath the grout

But a damaged grout can also just be a surface indication of something that goes deeper. A grout cracks when a component in the tile backing system has gone wrong. Your tiles and grout can only protect your wall to an extent. In the likely event that they fail, water can easily go in, and your drywall or plaster will dissolve. And once it does, the problem becomes more permanent.

Since it is not water-resistant, a drywall is one of the least recommended backing systems for your tile. So is a plaster. Once its keys break off form its lath backing, it is doomed for failure.

We understand that bathrooms are astoundingly damp places. Most tiles fail because installations have turned into DIY projects which result in gaps that water can easily seep into. GiddyUp Tile and Grout has professionals who can secure the foundation of your tile system and minimise risks of failure and cracks in the future. If you are currently experiencing loose tiles, feel free to call us.

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