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Grout is necessary to maintain the beauty of your tiles. Factors such as age, improper application and use of low quality grout can cause the tiles to loosen and become more prone to damage. Discoloured grout looks odd, as it does not match your existing tiles anymore. You must solve the problem before it becomes too costly to deal with. When you notice signs of problems with your grout, call Giddyup Tile and Grout right away. We provide repair and regrouting services in Perth.

Giddyup has more than 10 years of combined experience in residential and commerical tile and grout maintenance in Perth and all suburbs. With this extensive experience, Giddyup knows how to repair your tiles and grout properly so the problems don’t return and the area looks like new and matches your existing tiles. Specifically, Giddyup provides the following tile and grout repair services for customers in the Perth area:

Replace Chipped or Cracking Tiles:

As the trusted provider of quality grout repairs in Perth, Giddyup takes the extra time to properly remove chipped or cracking tiles and then prepare the work area so the new tiles perfectly match your existing tiles. And yes, in most cases, Giddyup is able to match your existing tiles. Our team will install new durable tiles that look like the original. The result would be a bathroom that looks great and provides the comfort you need.

Regrouting Shower/Bathroom Floors:

Is your shower leaking or your old grout cracking or stained to the point that you’re unable to keep the area looking good no matter how much you clean? Giddyup provides superior tile and grout maintenance in Perth and all suburbs because we always use superior quality glues and grout additives to reduce cleaning and maintenance. Plus, our proprietary waterproofing system is above Australian Standard and we guarantee against any leaks for a full 7 years.

Replace Lifting/Drummy Tiles:

Cheap glue and shoddy craftsmanship are the two biggest causes of lifting/drummy tiles. That is why Giddyup only uses high quality glues specifically made for your tiles and substrate surface and take the added time to prep the tiles and area for maximum adhesion. We don’t just install high quality tiles; we make sure these will look great and stay in place for years. There is no need to hire repair technicians every year or so; we will solve your grout problems once and for all.

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So Why Call Giddyup for Your Tile and Grout Maintenance in Perth and Surrounding Areas?

Tile and grout maintenance

Over 10 Years of Experience:

With more than 10 years combined experience and loads of thrilled residential and commercial clients throughout the Perth area, Giddyup knows how to make your bathroom flooring look like new today, tomorrow, and years to come with minimal maintenance and cleaning!

We Only Use the Best Materials for Every Job:

Tilers and regrouting companies using cheap materials is one of the biggest reasons why bathrooms need our service. So at Giddyup, we make sure to use the highest quality glues that will adhere to both your tiles and the substrate surface for maximum adhesion. We also use coloured grouts with special additive to prevent staining, reduce cleaning, and give your tiling that bold new look that will look newer much longer.

All Jobs Are 100% Guaranteed:

We guarantee against leaks for 7 years on all shower regrouting services in Perth and for all other tile and grout maintenance work: A written guarantee will provided with your quote outlining exactly what you can expect from our service. We take great pride in providing world-class tile and grout repair in Perth and all its suburbs and gladly stand behind all work with an iron clad guarantee, in writing.

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Giddyup Tile and Grout Maintenance in Perth is Available in All Suburbs, including:

  • Claremont
  • Clarkson
  • Cloverdale
  • Bayswater
  • Beaconsfield
  • Beckenham
  • Dianella
  • Doubleview
  • Duncraig
  • Edgewater
  • Ellenbrook
  • Embleton
  • Mirrabooka
  • Morley
  • Mosman Park
  • South Guildford
  • South Lake
  • South Perth
  • Southern River
  • Spearwood
  • Absolutely any suburb in Perth!

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