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Trust Giddyup Tile and Grout for all your residential or commercial bathroom tile installation needs in Perth. We offer a complete and prompt service to help improve your bathing experience in no time. You can count on our bathroom renovators and tilers to take care of everything, from initial assessment to installation. No matter what type of bathroom you have or want, we can provide you with professional tiling services in Perth.

The Internet is loaded with “cheap” tiling experts in Perth and surrounding areas who promise the cheapest rates for their “high quality” tiling services. Unfortunately, the only way to offer tiling services at prices “too good to be true” is to short-change the customer by taking short cuts and using cheap materials. From using cheap sealers and adhesives that lead to staining or lifting tiles to taking short cuts when applying waterproofing, “cheap” tiling experts can cost you big money down the road when their “cheap” services lead to costly repairs and extra cleaning and maintenance costs.

But Giddyup began as a tile and grout repair and maintenance company so we know first-hand exactly what causes stains, leaks, lifting tiles, and grout discoloration. That means we know exactly what to do to ensure our tiling jobs look great today, tomorrow, and years into the future. To complete the project successfully and on time, we perform all the necessary actions, including:

Using the Right Job-Specific Quality Adhesive

Just buying expensive adhesive isn’t enough to ensure your tiles will stay in place and avoid problems with lifting. Giddyup tiling experts find the right high quality adhesive that will form the strongest bond between your tiles and the substrate. You don’t have to worry about tiles lifting or showing signs of poor installation weeks or months after the job is completed. Our tiling service in Perth ensures durable and attractive tiles that will last for years.

Correct Substrate Preparation

Giddyup prepares all substrates for maximum life and utility of the tile installation. Whether that is patching rendered walls, re-screeding floors, and priming surfaces for tiling, Giddyup takes the time to provide a quality installation that will stand the test of time.

Proper Waterproofing Where Applicable

Many tilers and bathroom tiling companies will just slop some waterproofing membrane on the substrate before immediately applying tiles. But if you don’t properly seal the surface and wait for the waterproofing to cure or set, then you could well have leaking tiles in a year or less. But at Giddyup, we take the time to apply the waterproofing membrane properly and allow enough cure time for it to set properly before installing your tiles. In fact, Giddyup waterproofing and bathroom tiling in Perth are above the Australian standard and guarantees against leaks for a full 7 years.

Grout Additives To Reduce Cracking, Dirt, and Staining

Our mission is to produce the highest quality, longest lasting tiling installations possible. Through the use of specialized sealers and grout additives we can help reduce cleaning and maintenance needs. Very few tillers use such products, but with Giddyup, it comes standard. The tiles installed by our team are as beautiful and as durable as they look.

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Why Choose Giddyup Tiling Experts in Perth?

Over the years, 100’s of homeowners, hotels, and businesses in the Perth area have referred our tiling services to friends, relatives, and other businesses for 3 simple reasons:

1. All Tiling Jobs Guaranteed Against Leaks

Because of our superior workmanship and waterproofing system that exceeds the Australian Standard, all of our tiling jobs are guaranteed not to leak for a full 7 years. This means you can save thousands on repair or replacement jobs in the future.

2. Our Tiles Require Less Cleaning and Maintenance:

Giddyup doesn’t take any short cuts or use inferior products so you can expect years of worry free use and absolute minimal cleaning to keep your new tiles looking newer for longer!

3. No Excuses, We Do the Job Right the First Time:

Many tilers will underbid and overextend themselves due to inexperience that ultimately costs you, the customer, to essentially “train them on your dime”. But at Giddyup, we have the experience and expertise necessary to bid and schedule tiling jobs to create minimum disruption for you while still getting the job done right so your “tile problem” is solved once and for all.

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Yes, we will gladly come to any suburb in Perth and provide a Free, No Obligation Quote for your tiling job. That’s right: We said any suburb in Perth, including:

  • Warwick
  • Waterford
  • Watermans Bay
  • Jandakot
  • Jolimont
  • Joondalup
  • Padbury
  • Palmyra
    • Parkwood
    • Wembley Downs
    • West Leederville
    • West Perth
    • Girrawheen
    • Glendalough
    • Gosnells

  • And many more! If you have a home or business address in Perth that needs Bathroom Tiling services, Giddyup will be there to help and make sure your tiles are installed properly and look great today, tomorrow, and years into the future.

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If you have a home or business in need of world class tiling experts in Perth or any of its suburbs, Giddyup will be there to help and make sure your tiles are installed properly and look great today, tomorrow, and years into the future!

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