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Giddyup Tile and Grout is your partner in creating a better home or office environment. Our team members have more than 10 years combined experience in the field and have performed hundreds of successful bathroom renovations in Perth. We take pride in our quality work backed by our written guarantee. Regardless of the design and style, we can either bring your bathroom back to its original state or give it a lovely makeover. Together, we can achieve the look and feel you want for your bathroom in no time.

Why You Need to Renovate Your Bathroom

With new tiles, grout, and fixtures, any bathroom will look great after a reno is complete—at first.

Unfortunately, this “honeymoon” won’t last long if your bathroom renovation was completed in a hurry using cheap, inferior materials. For instance, if a contractor tries to save a few dollars using cheap glue, it could end up costing you $100’s or more in just a year or two because the tiles will begin pulling up. If cheap shower fixtures are installed with shoddy workmanship, they will look great but may start to leak in as little as 1 year or less causing paint to blister and peel.

If a contractor doesn’t pay the extra money for a special grout additive or the right colour, it will begin to discolor and look aged in just months, or even weeks. Cheap tiles may require loads of additional time to remove the special wax coatings or quickly become cloudy-looking or hazy due to manufacturer’s defects.

The simple truth is that you’ll never realise that a contractor completed your bathroom renovation using cheap materials or shoddy installation—until it’s too late. So while some contractors or bathroom renovators in Perth will offer you deals that “seem too good too be true” because of their lowball pricing, you will ultimately pay the price down the road with higher cleaning and maintenance costs. And in the really bad cases: You’ll spend $1,000’s to repair the damage caused by a contractor saving a few hours and maybe $100 in materials.

At Giddyup, we always put quality above anything else. We aim for service excellence and the highest level of customer satisfaction, so we make sure that every job meets standards and exceeds expectations. We never take short cuts and we take the added time to ensure that all of our bathroom renovations in Perth are completed the right way so you can count on your new bathroom:

  • Requireing Less Maintenance and Up to 90% Less Cleaning
  • Looking Newer for Longer
  • Retaining More Value

Giddyup happily will complete any and all bathroom renovations in Perth and that includes ALL suburbs!  And every single bathroom renovation in Perth begins with a FREE, No Obligation Quote.

Just call us out and tell us about your dream bathroom and what, if any, materials you already have purchased. We’ll provide a Zero Obligation Quote for your dream bathroom renovation done the right way and designed to look newer longer, require less cleaning and maintenance, and be 100% guaranteed!

Why Choose Giddyup for Your Bathroom Renovation Project?

Commercial and residential clients in Perth choose Giddyup to renovate their bathrooms for three simple reasons

1. We Only Use Superior Grade Materials

At Giddyup, we don’t try to line our pockets by skimping on the materials for your bathroom—ever. You deserve to have a bathroom that looks great for years to come without spending loads of time and money on cleaning and maintenance. That’s why we only use superior quality tiles, glues, grout additives, sealants and fixtures to ensure that every bathroom renovation provides maximum value to you and looks great for years to come.

2. We Take the Time to Do the Job Right

Just a few hours separates a great bathroom renovation that looks great for years to come from one that starts looking shoddy in just a few months. Many contractors cheat time by skimping on the “cure times” for materials after they apply them but Giddyup takes the time to ensure all materials are applied 100% to specifications so that your bathroom looks newer longer and requires significantly less cleaning, maintenance, and no leaking showers. Spending the right amount today can mean reduced costs and more savings in the future.

3. All Bathroom Renovations in Perth Are Backed by Iron Clad Guarantee

Every single quote from Giddyup comes with a Guarantee in writing for our Bathroom Renovation work. This guarantee is based upon the materials you select and the specific services rendered during the bath reno project. Most tilers and bathroom renovation companies haven’t even been around long enough to know what happens to their projects after using shoddy materials and short cuts. But Giddyup started as a tile and grout repair company so we know exactly what goes wrong when shoddy materials and short cuts are taken so we will gladly provide a Written Guarantee with every Free Estimate for your bathroom renovation project.

So If You Live in Perth and Are Thinking of Renovating Your Bathroom,  Schedule a Free, Zero Obligation Quote Today!

giddyup bathroom reno

For commercial or residential bathroom renovations in Perth including all suburbs, look no further than Giddyup for all your needs.  Here are just a few of the suburbs that we’ve recently completed bathroom reno projects in:

  • Alexander Heights
  • Alfred Cove
  • Balcatta
  • Balga
  • Bassendean
  • Cannington
  • Carramar
  • Churchlands
  • Daglish
  • Dalkeith
  • Darch
  • Forrestdale
  • Forrestfield
  • Fremantle
  • Any Suburb in Perth!!
  • And Others! If your home or business is suburb, Giddyup will complete your bathroom renovation so that it looks great today, tomorrow, and years into the future.
Call us if you want to renovate your bathroom in Perth and need professional help with everything related to the project. We can assist you from planning to installation.

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Giddyup will complete bathroom renovations in Perth including EVERY SINGLE SUBURB without exception!  So what are you waiting for?

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