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Why We Are So Obsessed with Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

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Long before we began laying tiles and renovating bathrooms, Giddyup spent years performing tile and grout repair in Perth and surrounding areas where we were constantly fixing up and repairing the shoddy work of previous contractors. The most frequent problems we consistently ran into were:

  • Leaking Showers Caused by Poor Membrane Installation
  • Lifting/Drummy Tiles Caused by Cheap Glues
  • Excessive Grout Cracking Due to Lack of Grout Additive
  • Dirty Grout Caused by Lack of Grout Sealant

Time after time, the need for the tile and grout repair work typically stemmed from shoddy installation and/or cheap materials. Unfortunately, the average homeowner or business owner can’t tell when inferior materials or short cuts are taken during installation because the tiling looks great, at first.

But within weeks, low quality grout that hasn’t been sealed or include special additives will begin to attract and retain dirt. Within months, stains will begin to appear and your brand new tiling or bathroom will look years older than it should. In as little as 12 months, inferior materials and shoddy installation may cause the shower to start leaking. And if the contractor used cheap glue during installation, within a few years your tiles could begin lifting unnecessarily requiring expensive and difficult repairs.

And while the contractor may have saved a few dollars and a little time, you will pay the ultimate price with extensive maintenance, cleaning, and ultimately unnecessary tile and grout repairs in the future.  Eventually, those short cuts taken by the contractor could lead to thousands in unnecessary costs for tile and grout repair.

 Why Clients Love Giddyup Tile and Grout Repair in Perth…

Today, Giddyup has become Perth’s exclusive tiling and bathroom experts providing a wide range of services including:

  • Tiling
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Leaking Shower Repairs
  • Tile and Grout Repairs

At Giddyup, we know the high price a client will pay for taking short cuts on materials or installation. That is why we insist on using the best materials and taking the time to install everything properly so you can always expect:

  • Less Ongoing Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Your New Tiling or Bathroom Looks Newer Longer
  • All Jobs Are Fully Guaranteed Because We Stand Behind Our Work

Don’t be fooled and pay a high price of taking short cuts with your bathroom. All jobs will look great when first completed but only bathrooms with high quality materials and craftmanship will continue looking great for years into the future.

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